Bathroom Cleaning Tips for you!

A few bathroom cleaning tips that you may not know

4 billion people visit their bathroom at least once every day. Most bathrooms therefore tend to pick up a lot of dirt and clutter. It is important that a bathroom be kept as clean as possible at all times. The following are some effective tips which can help you in cleaning your bathroom.
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  1. Clean from the top to the bottom: If you’re washing your bathroom, it is best that you begin from the top and then work your way down. This will provide you with better results. When cleaning, do not forget to focus on other bathroom items such as the faucets, pipes and handles. These tend to collect mold and mildew over the weeks. You should also pay attention to your bathroom accessories such as you soap dishes, shampoo bottles or tooth brush holders. These should be cleaned as well. After you are done cleaning the bathroom, ensure that you rinse it properly before wiping it dry.
  2. Don’t leave clutter: Over the years, bathroom shelves have gained an infamous recognition as being black holes for clutter. A good way of ensuring that your bathroom remains clean and tidy is by avoiding this habit. Instead of leaving empty medicine bottles or expired toiletries around the bathroom, you should get rid of them. This will ensure that your bathroom has a lot more space in it for other items.
  3. Do not forget to clean inside and outside of your cabinets once you are done. Your cleaning should also include the top.
  4. Don’t adopt the general cleaning approach: Not every spot in the bathroom can be cleaned with the same intensity. Some areas are bound to have tougher stains than others. One good way of addressing this problem is to first deal with these difficult stains. You can treat these with some strong bathroom cleaner before beginning. This way, you will find it easier to remove them when you are ready. Bleach solutions are particularly effective in the removal of mildew and lime scale. Investing in these will be worth the trouble.
  5. Clean your shower doors and curtains: You’d be amazed how often people forget to clean the doors and curtains of their bathroom. Alongside your weekly cleaning actions, you should also wipe down the doors of your bathroom after each shower. Grease and mildew easily develop on these. Shower curtains also tend to develop mildew from its regular contact with soap and water. Most shower curtains can easily be machine washed. If you however cannot use this option, clean with a cloth and soap solution.
  6. Clean your sink and Toilet: If your bathroom has a sink or toilet then you should clean these as well. A dirty sink can easily ruin even the best cleaning attempts of a bathroom.
  7. For the buildup of mildew, household items such as vinegar, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide can be used. Cleaning the bathroom weekly with these will prevent their growth. They can also be used in unclogging the drainages of sinks.
  8. Save the floor for the last: During your cleaning, things are bound to end up on the bathroom floor. Saving the bathroom floor for the last will therefore ensure that you do not end up repeating the same cleaning process twice. The method of cleaning which you use for your bathroom floor will depend on the type of flooring it is. Cleaning the floor with a mop is very effective for hard (ceramic flooring). For even better results use an effective floor cleaner and disinfectant.

There are many other ways of keeping your bathroom clean. With these tips however you will be able to ensure that you get welcomed results.

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