Expired: The Move Out Cleaning Booking Plan

So the plan is pretty simple: I have to quit my job, without thinking if I will regret it later;  then I have to pack the essentials needed to sustain life (tinned food, extra pair of socks and underwear some old CDs that I like and pictures of my past girlfriends);take all the money from my bank account; book professional cleaning company to do my end of tenancy cleaning: move from my apartment, give the keys back to my landlord; and drive off to my new life out of London – to a place where people are less arrogant and more friendly, a place where I can truly call myself happy.
My Plan
Unfortunately plans and promises are made to be broken. Quitting my job was not such a big deal, however, but packing took quite a while. Unexpectedly it had nothing to do with those movie scenes when couples fight and then one of them packs his belongings and leaves in 10 minutes slamming the door. In reality packing your life in a suitcase takes at least 2-3 days.
My Landlord
Dealing with landlords also proved to be a quite hard deal. Always keep in mind that when you book an end of tenancy cleaning with a professional company in London you should ask them for a guarantee – because I didn’t and then I had to suffer from the anger of my unhappy landlord that he spilled on me, because he was not happy with the result and the general state that I’m leaving the apartment in.
My Professional End Of Tenancy Cleaners
Of course, just a few days later a friend of mine told me that she had used a team of professional cleaners and they came for a re-clean for free, unfortunately I made no effort to ask anybody about advice blinded by my idea of going as fast as I can to my “New life”. So getting rid of that cleaning responsibility also took a few more days.

Than a friend of mine got sick and I had to take care of him for a week, and then it was another thing that popped up unexpectedly. Before releasing it almost a month had passed I was still not going anywhere because of the circumstances.

So finally my plan for a better life out there was temporarily put on hold. But the idea of it, no matter how distant and crazy it looked, just a few days afterwards was still giving me warm feelings when I was thinking about it every night before going to bed.