Professional garden services at good prices in Kingston

If you want everything to be on point in your house and the garden as well you should go for professional garden services.

Snow White Professional is a company whose activity is concentrated on being useful for every customer. Their business is related to house maintaining in London, Kinston upon Thames which is probably the best in this area They offer high standards, full insurance, professional grade tools and equipment, high-quality cleaning products and gardening materials – absolutely well prepared for each opportunity.

Professional garden services at good prices in Kingston

You can book then really easily with one call on 0203 874 7474 or on their website You don’t need any registration but just one click. You can visit their office which is situated at 255 Ewell Road, Surbiton, KT6 7AA. You can ask for anything that’s unclear to you, and an employee from the team will explain all the details of the services they offer.

You can choose how often your garden to be maintained – one-off visit, once per month, fortnightly or weekly. One visit is a minimum of 2 hours and after you are able first to estimate their work before paying.

The garden services are complete maintenance of the garden, green waste clearance, gutter cleaning, hedge cutting, mowing, scarifying and trimming of borders. The prices of gutter cleaning depend on the kind of property you have (bungalow, terraced, downpipe, detached) and the floor where the gutter is situated. The other services are paid per hour.

They have designed their garden services to assist every customer in getting his home a better place for living. Consequently, they meeting his specific demands. Their motivation and ambition are to be useful with their work and complete all requirements.

The online booking is a very fast process, in a few steps – select service category, service type, write your full postcode, do the time schedule and fill your coordinates.