Expired: Rubbish removal and facts about it from London

What do London residents throw away as rubbish on yearly basis?  You will be surprised on some of the rubbish contents found at the households and business premises. Many items; fresh foodstuffs, unused electrical appliances, chemicals and many more wastes. Of course, our private investigations held in London have helped us for getting that information.

Recent studies have revealed that large amounts of fresh produce; meat, fruits and vegetables are thrown away by London residents. This amounts to estimated one billion pounds worth of food every year. With the health and environmental concerns, residents of this city would like to see better and efficient junk removal service for Greater London of food wastes. This is what we do here at rubbishexperts.com.

Plastic bags make up the largest collection of rubbish removed in London.
rubbish removal by RubbishExperts.com
These plastics are non-renewable and the only way to make better use of them is by recycling. Studies suggest that up to 4.92 million plastic bags are used on yearly basis. Energy derived from recycling the plastic bags would be enough to cover for shortages experienced with the use of petroleum fuels within the city.

And of course, little is known of where the rubbish collected ends up to. Some 90% of the waste is recycled, others to generate sustainable energy while the usable ones are exported overseas.
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